One of my very favorite things to do is to write, and writing has been the most consistent activity in my life since my Auntie Val gifted me a diary with a lock when I was 6 years old. On this page, you can find writing that has been featured elsewhere, essays or calls to action, along with poetry and more informal blog-style pieces. Even though I’m no longer working in tech, I’ve included tech-related writing in case it can be helpful to others in the industry. If you’d like to add my writing to your RSS feed reader, click here.

My newest thoughts.

Opportunity vs. Money

As I draw closer to graduation, I find myself turning down opportunities. I use all kinds of excuses – I (almost) have a Master’s degree and deserve to earn more; It’s not worth my time for that price; or the killer: What If Something Better Comes Along....


After my angst-ey previous post, I bet you are wondering, dear reader, how things went in Berlin! Things went fabulously – everything that could have gone wrong went right, and everything that could have gone right went wrong. I did not get the contract with the...

Tiny World

In my début collection of poems, I explore my experiences as a queer person grappling with my relationship to nature, my body, and myself.

Tiny World is currently being revised, and will be available for purchase everywhere you can buy books online, and on this website. Sign up for my newsletter below to be notified when it becomes available!

Writing published elsewhere.

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