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[Resource] Nonbinary Gender

The more people know about the nuances of gender and sexuality, the less likely that I, and people like me, will be excluded because of a lack of knowledge.

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[Resource] Inclusive Washroom Signs

This #InternationalNonBinaryDay, make sure a nonbinary person can do their business without choosing a gender! Print out these inclusive washroom signs (use mine for free or make your own!) and re-label your local facilities. We all will thank you!

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Personal Writing

A new page

Coming to the end of the decade, I find myself reflecting on the last ten to fifteen years. How far I've come! Honestly, I hardly recognize myself from the photos I found of even ten years ago. From feminine to masculine, from she to they, from professional/student...

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Coming Out

Coming out was not about finally realizing who I was; it was about realizing that there were other people that did not feel the way that I did, that there was language to name how I felt, and that I was not alone.

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Support without acceptance

It’s easy to confuse someone occupying space in the world with them asking you to be in that space. What I mean is: just because queer and trans folks want to be recognized and respected, doesn’t mean we think that in order to be respected, other people have to...

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