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📅 Published on November 20, 2006

Quick poll:

Is it tacky to wear your beret in Paris while studying art?

Aside from finances, this is my greatest worry.
I would appreciate any feedback.

The countdown to landing is 52 days, 17 hours, 6 minutes.

I got a call from John Wells of Wells College (the college I am going with), and he is sending my student loan application off right now. Thank-you for your prayers – they have been powerful.

This is the question I have been thinking on for the last few weeks.
To study something like art, is it presumed that you have talent? I am a bit worried that I will get there and be miles behind everyone else. I am very amateur, and very ambitious. I hope I am not misrepresenting myself by registering for courses that I have no experience in. I am doing this to stretch myself; to challenge my comfort zone; to beat the odds, and to learn. I feel completely beyond myself – and I am determined to thrive on this challenge, no matter how incompetent or lonely I feel.



  1. Jonathan

    Well, I\’m subscribed. What does this blog subscription come with? Sneak previews of art projects in progress?

  2. mennoquettegrrl

    I think it would be insanely cool to ware a baret in Paris well studying art, just not on the very first day:)Have Fun my dear.Meribeth

  3. Anonymous

    Isn\’t it sort of tacky to EVER wear a beret 😛 A matter of perspective and opinion, my dear. That is all. If you wish to wear your beret, you will wear it with pride, poise, and more than a little passion. This is the fruition of a dream that began more than 4 years ago, enjoy it. No regrets.


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