Wells Art in Paris

and I was being exposed to new language, culture and art on a daily basis. I also dated French men.

I could not have chosen a better program for myself. I stayed with the niece of famed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, just inside the border of Ile-de-Paris. The first half of every weekday was spent in intensive language classes at République, followed by a different art class each afternoon in various studios and galleries around Paris, rotating between Figure Drawing with Kathy Burke, Painting from Raw Materials (where we learned to make our own paints and medium from scratch and copy a masterpiece – pictured), and Art History in the Louvre.

My evenings were increasingly filled with more and more Argentine Tango classes and milongas – I quickly filled my schedule with 20 hrs+ per week of tango as I fell in love with the music and the people I met while dancing. Our little group travelled to milongas around the city, and when it got warm enough, we danced on the quais du Seine almost every evening. (Video)

I kept a blog while I was studying in Paris, and you can read it in its entirety below.

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