Waiting for those audition results

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I am not a patient person. For those of you that know me, this might even seem like an understatement. Even though I think I am willing to work toward my goals, waiting for results still maddens me.

However, I think I am finally learning to enjoy the process. Time in the practise room, in the swimming pool, in the tanning bed ;), in the library, is becoming sacred to me. Maybe it is because I am finally happy with my current situation – I love my life in Montreal. Maybe it is because I am savouring my final year in the safety net of school.

Now, the waiting is in the form of audition results. I, along with many of my colleagues, are waiting to hear back from the companies we auditioned for so far. The worst is when one singer receives an email, but you don’t receive anything at all. This is a true test of patience.

I have come to the point, now, where a rejection letter is almost a comfort. A rejection letter means that a particular door has been closed for me, for now. The fact is, I am on a path that is constantly moving forward, and it will continue to move forward. Doors that close or open to me simply define the direction I take. It is useless to stand there staring at the door that has been slammed in your face – it is useful to take a deep breath, smile, and keep on walking down the hallway.