Vocal discoveries

Published on April 3, 2010

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After making my recording last week, I needed a few epiphanies to help me start to really love my voice again, and to start to put my technique back together.

-Music has to move through time – it is meant to make beautiful the passing of time. Dwelling on the past does not help make it more beautiful, nor does trying to prolong a moment. Moments cannot be prolonged. They need to be let go. In this way, music is a constant experiencing and releasing of the beauty of moments.

-Instead of giving the tone space in the long sense in the throat (ie extending the throat), I need to more or less ‘tuck in’ my chin. In this way I will achieve flexibility and warmth at the same time.

-The more I can learn to reveal the unique qualities of my voice, the more honest my performances will be. I am and will be hired (or not) based on the unique strengths of my voice, so I should not try to hide them. Whether or not they are ‘beautiful’ is not important – because the beauty is in honest performance enriched by solid technique.

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To answer the question: “Do you still sing?”

I have learned that there is a difference between my physical voice, and my voice in the broader sense. I have mastered my physical voice – all the nuances, the breaking points; learned the ways my voice likes to move and blossom. There is freedom and joy in the practise of using my voice in that way on stage. But I needed something more.

Vulnerability Magic: One Year Sober

Inspired by a little silver plastic chip in my pocket that said “Women in Recovery” on one side and the serenity prayer on the other (and my phone full of new numbers), I found a desire within me that I hadn’t even known I wanted until I stepped into that meeting. I wanted myself back.