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📅 Published on January 29, 2007

i finally got to go to the orangerie exhibit on friday evening.

you dont realize what you are used to until it is drastically changed… it was truly l’histoire d’art en abimés when you walked into the first room. to see picasso next to de la tour… it was so surreal and really informative. i have a whole new appreciation for modern artists now… they can do the exact same things as the classical artists, they just choose to express them in a different way.

i also saw monets nymphéas in its entirety as it was meant to be seen… most of you will know this work as water lilies. it was meant to be displayed in two round rooms. it is so beautiful, and again, i realize now that the detail of the paintings is in the way the artists brushstrokes are put together… if you look closely at each corner of the painting, it looks completely abstract but when you back up, it all comes together as a whole.

friday night i also went to a little tango club and i felt as i felt when i first watched salsa at the empire… i was completely in awe, and everyone was having so much fun. i cant wait to gain more experience. salsa is like a release of energy, and tango is the build-up of it. it is absolutely delicate and beautiful. there was a live band to dance to! lovely

on saturday i met a bunch of girls from my figure drawing class in an apartment in montmartre which is just down the street from the veggie stand in amélie. we drank wine and ate chocolate and cheese and took turns drawing each other. it was so much fun and i got some good sketches out of it… a guy i met offered me 20 euros for a bigger version of one of the drawings i made. i told him i would try.

i have to go to class… more tomorrow


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