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📅 Published on January 17, 2007

last night, we visited the dance studio as well. it is on place de la roquette::::: studio harmonic. the whole thing is in french, and my flamenco class will be either fri or sat night. tant pis. that means no weekend travel for me, which i cant afford anyway:::::: unless i switch to tango:::::::: hm.

yesterday i asked david, our residence director and the best parisian ever except tristan, where we could buy french poetry and cheese. he didnt show me the cheese, but hes giving me a recommended list of french poetry and we walked by a great bookstore as we were walking so i went in and bought baudelaires complete works:::: thats all i will buy! i dont actually have any room to bring anything back because my extra carry on will have to be my portfolio with my paintings crammed in as well. i will have at least three new paintings (made COMPLETELY from scratch:::: he he) by the time im done, and i already have 7 huge sketches from figure drawing. it is lovely.

my homestay situation is going well ::: i am very intimidated by ma mère française and i feel very insecure going home. yesterday ze talked for a few minutes about beethovens an die freude and it went well::: then i came out of the bathroom and she started talking really loudly so i said pardon:::: she said something i didnt understand and then asked if i understood::: i said no and just stood there::: she said something else::: she said she is on the phone zith one of her former students!!!! je me suis humiliée! i was too embarrased to talk to her again so i just went to bed. i hope she understands that i am trying to be a good housemate but i just sometimes make mistakes. it will get better.

today – i will be spending 2 hours in the louvre in the afternoon with my painting class, then 3 hours there for my evening class which happens every wed eve at the louvre:::::: yum!

i decided i want to visit lots of smaller museums that show current work by students::: i think there are several in my arondissement. this is just as important to understand where the art world was and where it is going, and what constitutes good art today. what draws everyone to the louvre, and not so many to the centre pompidou:::: these are some questions worth thinking about::: and can baudelaire be inspiring? we shall see. i have to resist the urge to read it out loud on the metro::::: it flows so well in the original language!

okay c,est tout pour aujourdui::::



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