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📅 Published on December 28, 2006

My unexpected trip to Toronto was perhaps the most surreal experience of my life. I have never flown into a city for the day, and I have never spent a whole day alone in a city I didn’t know.
Experience #1 – Running out of the airport towards the Airport Rocket, and realizing I had no change to pay the fare. I asked the driver how I could pay – and told him that I only had twenties.
“Just….. pay when you get to the subway.”
When we got to the subway I told him I would be right back with the money. He couldn’t speak much English, but he said… “No… free ride. Don’t worry.”
Every day I gain more confidence in the generosity of the human race – people everywhere have sensed when I am most vulnerable and helped me in any way they could. I only hope I am able to do the same for them.

I walked up to the door of the consulate (which turned out to be a little office on the 22nd floor of a huge building) and a security guard opened the door a crack and said, “Do you have the email?”
(panic) “What email?”
“The email that is proof of your appointment here.”
I think I looked extremely worried, and about to cry, because he said, “Go downstairs and ask someone where the nearest internet cafe is.”
I ran a block down Yonge Street and quickly printed off the email…
I was interviewed through a glass wall by a very young French woman – we chatted and found things in common. I felt like I had made a friend when I walked away, and I could have kissed her when she said, “Of course, I will issue your visa right now.”
When I got back down to Yonge Street, I did a little dance and cried for joy.

The rest of the day I rode the subway all over the city and saw:
-Roy Thompson Hall
-new opera house
-Eliot’s used book store (bought John Donne’s complete works)
-Art Gallery of Ontario (Rodin, Picasso, Monet and Peel all in the same room!)
-beautiful campus of UofT (where I want to get my master’s degree eventually)
-Union Station

Don’t lose hope everyone – God touches us!


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