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📅 Published on November 27, 2009

…or am in the process of learning.

-Even though embellishments and ornamentation are sometimes expected, the music is beautiful just as it is.

-Very high notes are not the only notes that will impress in an audition.

-Your voice cannot make the music, it can only let the music.

-To sing with my whole voice and to let every note ring in the sweet resonance place.

-How to use the same vocal technique for bel canto and baroque.

I have alot of work ahead of me!


Taste vs. Flow

I think many artists feel like they are getting better when they experience more flow in their work, when they can feel as though they are transcending the craft and technique of their medium and expressing something from an internal impulse. It is from this place of flowing energy (as opposed to a block), that the most authentic expression can happen, and a greater volume of work can be created.

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