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📅 Published on February 13, 2007

There was almost no one in french class yesterday morning because we were all exhausted from Normandy. I seriously considered not going, but then I wouldnt be able to talk to you folks… 🙂

Drawing class was absolutely electric for me. The model was tall and had a very distinct body… there were no areas that were confusing. you could tell what was muscle and you could see his ribs and other bones. he also had beautiful poses that gave a great composition on the page. i think what i did yesterday was the most natural, accurate, and beautiful work to date. i felt like i really got him on the page – even his face, which i usually ignore. my two favorite poses were one that looks like michelangelos rebellious slave but laying down, and another that was almost impossible – all i could see was a very tense back and his calf, because he was laying down and had his legs tucked up in front of him. i have never been so inspired by a model.

on the other hand, there was one pose that i started too long, and it didnt fit on the page. but all the proportions were perfect and i loved the drawing… kathy made me start over, but on top of the bigger one. that was really difficult to do – i think drawing is all about letting go of your ego. putting another figure on top is very frustrating and it looks bad, because you cant tell one figure from the other. it was good for me to get over making something beautiful to learn how to fix something.

i had supper with ma mère française and it was great – we had a fast paced conversation.

i posted some more pictures on the normandy post last night that you may not have seen.

i think my teacher has found me another tango partner to try out. his name is phillippe. we shall see.

have a great day!


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