The first time being tempted to utter insults to the French

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📅 Published on December 26, 2006

Just when I thought my plans were secure…
Just when I could start to think about packing…
Just when prayers of gratitude left my lips…


Apparently I applied for the wrong visa, even though I applied for the one they told me to apply for. (In broken English.) I am flying to Toronto for the day on the 27th for a 10 minute interview, hoping they will give me my visa in time for me to get on the plane. My plans are anything BUT secure.

I’m trying to imagine the interview… what are they looking for? French-speaking ability? Good looks? Taste? It all seems so ridiculous to me. However, I am spending the day, so I will be sure to see the new opera house while I am there.

The flight cost $700, and I had credit with WestJet for a cancelled flight from this summer. I paid $400 ish for the flight… then, for Christmas, I found out that my dear brother covered the $400 for me. I could not believe it. He can’t afford it any more than I can. I am absolutely amazed by his incredible generosity.

COUNTDOWN TO LANDING: 18 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes !!!!
(And I still don’t have a visa…!)

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  1. The Laughing Rover

    Hey Bekki,Sorry about the visa crap!! They\’re terrifying, aren\’t they? I hope it didn\’t wreck your Christmas–nice of your brother to cover you like that! And enjoy Toronto, if possible… Good luck with everything, hopefully see you before you go (or in Paris!).Karen

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