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📅 Published on June 7, 2009

Yesterday at noon I saw the movie, The Audition, at Silvercity Polo Park. I thought it would be interesting, but I didn’t realize how much the movie would bring up in me my own dreams and aspirations, as well as anxieties.

The movie is about the semi-finals and finals of the met auditions, which I participated at at the regional level this last year. The singers arrive in new york at the beginning of the week, sing the semi-finals, and half of them stay in new york to work with met opera staff for the week in preparation for the finals, which are performed with the met opera orchestra in the opera house. The movie was absolutely full of amazing moments that I hope to experience sometime soon…. like the moment when they bring all the singers on to the stage to see what it feels like, for the first time… they are all chatting as they walk backstage, but when they step on the stage and look out into the room, it is silent and awe-filled. You can just see them imagining all of the great opera singers that have stood there before them. Moments like these made me so emotional, and the movie definitely affirmed for me the fact that I am on the right path, that I am pursuing the right career. That is no guarantee that I will make it, and it is a huge gamble, but I must go forward as though I believe in every fibre of my being that I will make it.

When you are watching the singers as they step on stage and perform for their audience of 4000 people, there is something intangible that you can sense about those who deserve to win… they are all good singers, and they are all decent actors. But the best are those who own the stage, who light up and become their best when they step out. They are the ones that put their everything into their singing. I want to be like them. I want to exude that energy that makes me belong on any stage I sing on.



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