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📅 Published on November 26, 2006

I am itching to have some pictures of Paris to post, but alas! I am still in Canada. So I decided to post a picture I took of St. Eustache cathedral from the first and only time I was in Paris. I plan to attend this church when I am there – it is Roman Catholic, in French, and the priest is so gracious – our choir sang in one of their services, and he said, “It was so beautiful, I did not want to breathe.” He invited the choir to participate in the Eucharist with his congregation, even though we were all Mennonite … It was an incredible way to make a connection across the language and denominational barrier.

COUNTDOWN TO LANDING: 48 days, 3 hours, 46 minutes

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  1. Jaymie Schmidt

    Bekki I think that is so awsome that you experienced real grace and acceptance from a priest. I cannot wait to post things here when you are in Paris.


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