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📅 Published on February 20, 2007
well, the second session of french has started. that means much smaller class size with people who actually care about what they’re studying. it is a bit better.

we talked, in class, about questions we would ask God if we could. Then, the teacher asked us what we think he’d say.
one girl asked ‘if you could change anything about the world, what would it be?’
the class ended up deciding that god would probably stop all of the wars, ‘if he could’.
it drove me a bit crazy, but i did not get outwardly frustrated.
in figure drawing, i had another mediocre day. we were doing shading – trying to make a complete figure out of shading. after having such an inspiring model last week, it was difficult to go back. also, i have some trouble drawing women. this is the opposite problem of most figure drawers, i think. women have lots more curves, but their bodies are more general. mens bodies have lots of detail but not alot of interest in the shape. i like to spend a few seconds on the general shape, then spend the rest of the time perfecting a toe or an ear. the male figure allows me to do this.
i did laundry – here are pictures of my laverie. isnt it cute and CLEAN?

i also ate with my house mom – we watched a question/answer session for the socialist candidate, Royal, for the presidential election. she did not do very well, and she did not speak very well either. she was all emotion.

there are tulips growing in the park where the birds giggle. they are growing just under the trees, up through the grass. i can’t wait to see them bloom. also, i found out from my map that i live within walking distance of a ‘wood’ in which i can walk and eat picnics on warm afternoons. perhaps there is authentic air there! that would be beneficial. there is also a market about two blocks from my house where i can buy fruit and vegetables… i have not been yet. maybe it is organic.

it is definitely becoming spring here!

happy spring!



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