Rebecca Woodmass (they/them), a trained classical soprano, is a nonbinary lesbian now working in artificial intelligence. For the last two years they have immersed themself in the technology sector, co-leading the Montreal chapter of Lesbians Who Tech (& Allies) to be one of the most active chapters in their global network. They also founded QueeriT, a social good enterprise that offers web design, development, business strategy, and marketing services, as well as accessibility consulting, to marginalized artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and organizations. Rebecca is now applying their talents in speaking, writing, and programming to their studies in applied machine learning and artificial intelligence for social change as a founding employee of AI startup Crescendo, as well as an LGBT+ Inclusion Ambassador with DiverseIn. They have been called a "rising star in the queer/feminist movement" and works tirelessly for the visibility of racialized, disabled, queer and trans folks in the tech sector, as well as in society at large. They love cycling, writing poetry, gardening, and their cat, Didi.