Some miscellaneous tidbits before leaving Canada

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📅 Published on January 10, 2007

Really? Is this happening? I am leaving today but I still feel like I did in May.

I started and finished packing last night. I took it as an opportunity to *simplify*; and all my stuff has now fit into one larger suitcase, one smaller carry-on bag, and a book bag. I am pretty happy about that. In the end, these are the books I ended up packing:
-King James Study Bible
-Rilke “Ahead of All Parting”
-Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists
-an illustrated history of France
-French-English Dictionary
-French Dictionary
-Big journal
-little sketch book

The item I settled on as a gift for Mme Cartier-Bresson (my French mom) is a CD of Chor Leoni directed by Diane Loomer. They are (perhaps) the best men’s choir in Canada, and Mme C-B sings in two choirs, one of which rehearses at L’Opera Bastille ! Other than this, I know almost nothing about her. I only hope she speaks little to no English.

Anyone interested in calling, popping in for a visit, or writing a letter should email me to ask for it… I thought it a bit sketchy to post all this information here.

Sometimes I feel excited, sometimes completely numb, but no terror recently. This is good. Taking 8 months off of school has really made me want to take a few notes and write some papers again.

My mom and I fly to New York this evening, and then I continue on to Paris alone on the 12th. Watch for a post on NY!

‘Till then,


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