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I was looking for a way to schedule certain apps to be completely blocked on my iPhone. I found Ochi.

Ochi is very well-executed, which is a rare treat, especially considering that it was built by an indie developer, and not a company or team. The app is not free, but it is extremely reasonably-priced – less than $30 a year, at the time of writing.

Ochi blocks apps via Shortcut automations, that you set up to check app permissions every time you open an app. It’s not difficult to set up a Shortcut automation, but it does require a bit of knowledge and time.

I have Ochi scheduled to block all but the bare essentials, starting at 9:30pm, and ending at 5am, so they are unblocked by the time I wake up, but not if I can’t sleep and grab my phone to keep my brain occupied.

You can stop or pause app filters, but so far, I haven’t used that feature much at all. If it’s too easy or friendly to stop the app from working, then I’ll disable it all the time, and it won’t do its job properly for me. The way the Ochi is designed, makes me inclined to accept the boundaries it imposes.

I haven’t tried it on Mac or iPad yet, but I will if I ever find I need it.

I highly recommend Ochi for anyone who has trouble setting boundaries with their phone. I use it in combination with iOS Focus, and Space.