Published on April 15, 2011

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So – that was that.  My master’s degree.  Was I dreaming?

I have been recently hit with the common post-grad-school realization that I can do ANYTHING I WANT!  I have no familial obligations, no contracts, no school, no… ah wait.  The financial obligations are massive and heavy coming out of this endeavor.   This new stage of life is exciting, terrifying, and very different than anything I have ever experienced.  It is time to find balance – a balance of risk-taking (after all, we are still young!) and responsibility (after all, we are going on our thirties!).  It is time to find a way to work, play, make money and spend it all at once.

For some of my colleagues on this blog, it seems that it will not be a very big challenge to find work after graduation.  Some grad programs are very practical, and one is either able to find a research position, internship, or academic post.  For me, this is not the case – fortunately or unfortunately for me and my bank account, I must (simply) fly all over the world, singing for people, in the hopes that my development here at grad school has been sufficient to make me stand out in the professional world.  This is a long process, getting hired in the professional classical music world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I get to learn languages, meet crazy people, sing on all sorts of different stages with all sorts of different acoustics, see lots of different cities.  This is, really, THE LIFE.

The other side is interesting too: the money.  Currently, my plan is to get training in a few things – namely, teaching English and yoga, so that I can find work wherever I go.  That is the practical side of my plan.  The impractical side: sing in many international competitions and win thousands of dollars with each one, to eventually pay off my student debt.

Or maybe I’ll just go back to school.

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