pictures of Barcelona finally!

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📅 Published on April 7, 2007

these pictures are not in order but hopefully you can figure it out 🙂
parc guell designed by gaudia sign in view of parc guell.

really good acoustics here
ever cool mosaics! still parc guell
beautiful boat – perhaps the most beautiful in the harbour

graffiti in the area of barcelona where there were no tourists. i wish i could convey a face like that! the sea – there are boats out even though it was incredible cold

natalie and kelly, the girls i was travelling with.

sagrada familia – still being built. it was completely funded by gaudi himself, and the government has not pitched in for some reason.

tapas mmmm!

parade on palm sunday down la rambla

barcelonas arc de triomf

here starts pictures from the modernism walk. this is the opera house.

mosaic from the opera house

two contrasting ( and competing) apartments. the families who built them were competing for the most beautiful apartment. the one on the right is by gaudi

the gaudi apartment from the front

another apartment designed by gaudi. it is supposed to look like ocean waves and kelp for the railings.

silence exhibition

men playing bocce. very off of la rambla – these women sure know how to do fish!

this is me in the sun on the dock by the mediterranean sea.mediterranean sky
harbour sailboats
me by a big beautiful tree in a park on a hill.



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