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📅 Published on February 2, 2021

I can’t stop thinking about Paris. 

About the melody of the sirens.

About the choir rehearsal echoing through the courtyard.

About the man I left there and will always love, even though he’s no longer living there and I’m a lesbian.

About tiny apartments on the top floor of the buildings.

About drawing nude people, about drawing clothed people nude, about drawing myself and other people nude.

About cheap wine in the Cité Universitaire.

About my open heart, slow internet, the big wide world, the big city I could walk across in a day.


Using Your Voice Again: A Plan of Action

Let yourself rage against all the reasons you stopped using your voice. Rage against money, capitalism, the lie of meritocracy, the optimism of youth, the institutions that lulled you into passivity, the warnings you did not heed, misogyny. Shame, emotional abuse, trauma, microagressions. Sore throats, lies. Shed your tears for all those moments of connection you lost because you did not sing. 

The reason you don’t believe me #metoo

In order for you to believe us,You are going to have to learn to forgive yourself.And that is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.
Meditation: Blessed Be

Meditation: Blessed Be

A short pagan feminist metta practise on Insight Timer (a free meditation app) with gentle nature sounds and deep drone. Blessed be the elements and laws that keep our siblings safe, cared for, and equal to all of us.