Once in a while, you just need to dream…

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What I would want if I had absolutely no limitations, followed by the percent chance of it happening within 2 years.

-Be able to sing a B three octaves above middle C. (85%)

-Bigger lung capacity so I could sing any length of phrase without difficulty. (10%)

-No fear and the ability to sing exactly what I imagine in my mind. (90%)

-A limitless imagination so that I can imagine amazing and creative interpretations of the music I sing. (90%)

-Time and energy to be able to sing all day, every day. (0%, although it should improve at least a little when I graduate)

-A little more charm in my fearlessness, and a little more courage in my charm. I seem to have either one or the other at any given moment, and it seems to me that when I need courage, personality oozes charm, and vice versa. (100% – I know I can change this!)

-Photographic memory. (0%)

-To be fluent in all of the languages I sing. (90%)

My work is cut out for me! Practise room, ho!