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📅 Published on January 12, 2007

Well, my time in New York and NA has almost come to a close… I leave for Paris in 10 hours!
I will summarize the trip to NY and the stay in a very short form.

-All went well until we missed our connecting flight in Chicago to Newark. We were put on a flight to Rochester by a person who didn’t know where Rochester is. We found out from the flight attendants on the Rochester flight that it is at the opposite end of the state from Manhattan. hm. Our travel guide had one line on Rochester saying not to go there. SO we ran dramatically off the plane, back up the ramp, and ended up staying the night in Chicago and flying to Newark in the morning.

-New York actually looks like all the pictures… dirt and lots of bricks, and beautiful people. And Times Square has lots of overstimulating advertising, but no cricket was anywhere to be found.

-Yesterday the only gallery we saw had a display of Bwami art from Congo. It was really interesting.

-We spent most of the day waiting in the rush seating line in the basement of the Met. There are 200 tickets available for $20. We spent about 2 hours waiting, and I think we got two of 7 tickets that were left. !!!! We were absolutely thrilled. So last night we saw Anna Netrebko in I Puritani by Bellini… I have never cried for an opera, but AN is a stunning actress and musician. Wow. (Before the show, we snuck our wine out of the cafe and drank it beside fountain in front of the Met.)

-Today we are heading off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then I am taking off to Paris…
Excitement has definitely set in. Pray for me please, and pray for Mom spending the night alone in the hotel without me…

I love you all!


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