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📅 Published on April 1, 2007


I got up in the morning, had breakfast at the hostel, and set out to see museu de la musica, barcelona auditorim and the teatre nacional. unfortunately none of these were open but they are way out of the tourist area so it was neat to see “real” barcelona. I walked in a very local neighborhood and saw some amazing graffiti on walls. i also saw some more makeshift homes – they are everywhere!

I walked to the Sagrada Familia which was designed by Gaudi the architect. He is now my very favorite architect – i have never been so inspired by architecture. it is art nouveau modernism style quirky and still a bit of antiquity is included. i trie dto draw the church but failed miserably.

i met my friend kelly at the arc de triomf and a wierd guy followed us for awhile, but i wasnt too worried because kelly has mace.

we had lunch (paella) and had too much sangra, staggered down to the waterfront and sunbathed on the dock. it was absolutely heavenly – the mediterranean sea!

in the evening we went to a spanish guitar concert at a gothic basilica and it was wonderful – very intimate and the guitarist was great. manuel gonzales.
we went to a lame restaurant for dinner and had terrible tapas, and then went to sleep.

I slept until 10am! by the time we were ready to go, we had to pick up natalie from the station. we checked into the hostel and met some american guys and went out for lunch with them. the restaurant was really really cool – off the beaten path, and it reminded me of fude. lots of young people working there, and only spanish clients. i had cucumber dill yogurt gaspacho soup and cuttlefish stew. some of the best food i have ever had.

in the afternoon we went on a modernism architecture walking tour, and we saw some really really neat art nouveau buildings. i will post pictures of this.
went to see sagrada familia again and had dinner at a really neat restaurant again. we did tapas – so many! i had a glass of really nice marques de caceres rioja.
we think the restaurant thought that we were mystery shoppers or something, because i had a notebook and we got AMAZING service that no one else got. the manager came to talk to us after and offered us a whole bunch of information on barcelona. it was pretty funny. we definitely took advantage.

in the evening we went to a lounge and to a hostel bar and then to bed.

SUNDAY is today! i will write more about today tomorrow

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  1. Leona Woodmass

    Wow….perhaps a good looking notebook has always been the most politically powerful tool.

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