Last night, I went to the nearest bar for supper. I had Atlantic chowder (which comes with a shot of guinness), chips, and a shandy (which is beer and white lemonade – the girly beer drink). It was quite lovely. I drew tons of people, and had a grand time.
I started feeling a bit weird partway through the meal, and I realized that all the men in the bar were staring in my direction. It took me awhile to realize that there was a football game playing silently on the TV behind me.
I hung out with the Erasmus girls in the kitchen before I went to bed, and they are just so nice. I love them. There are two girls, Marie and Claire, from France (Loire and Brittany), a girl from Germany (Elizabeth), Lisa from Finland, and another Elizabeth from somewhere I can’t remember. Going on this huge 7-hour tour to Cliffs of Moher with them today, and tonight I plan to go to a ‘trad session’ at a pub to hear some real Irish music!
Sun is shining and things are a bit sexy… say THAT in an irish accent.
I fell asleep to Marie whispering in english to the german girl – I don’t know why, but it was the most beautiful sound I have heard in a long time. It sounded like water.

They have St. Patrick’s day decorations up already in the hostel. Ha.