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📅 Published on March 6, 2007

Last night, I went to the nearest bar for supper. I had Atlantic chowder (which comes with a shot of guinness), chips, and a shandy (which is beer and white lemonade – the girly beer drink). It was quite lovely. I drew tons of people, and had a grand time.
I started feeling a bit weird partway through the meal, and I realized that all the men in the bar were staring in my direction. It took me awhile to realize that there was a football game playing silently on the TV behind me.
I hung out with the Erasmus girls in the kitchen before I went to bed, and they are just so nice. I love them. There are two girls, Marie and Claire, from France (Loire and Brittany), a girl from Germany (Elizabeth), Lisa from Finland, and another Elizabeth from somewhere I can’t remember. Going on this huge 7-hour tour to Cliffs of Moher with them today, and tonight I plan to go to a ‘trad session’ at a pub to hear some real Irish music!
Sun is shining and things are a bit sexy… say THAT in an irish accent.
I fell asleep to Marie whispering in english to the german girl – I don’t know why, but it was the most beautiful sound I have heard in a long time. It sounded like water.

They have St. Patrick’s day decorations up already in the hostel. Ha.


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  1. The Laughing Rover

    It\’s funny, a lady who lives here was just describing to me what you\’ve described here… how most doctors, dentists etc have set up practises in converted apartments. Sounds cozier, at any rate! Hope you feel better soon.


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