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📅 Published on January 18, 2007

paris tip: never try to do a louvre marathon   friends, i spent five hours straight in the louvre yesterday. i know most of you are probably jealous, but let me tell you that after about 3 hours ::: which was spent running through all of the paintings ::::: the most aesthetically pleasing objet d’art is a bench.   fast fact: starbucks is taking over the world. THERE IS A STARBUCKS IN THE LOUVRE!!!!! i could not believe it when i heard it ::: i did not see it:: i hope i never will:::: but it is there. there is something wrong.   that said, the museum is incredible! although my copying piece is travelling right now::: toooo bad. you can see him above:   i mde notes on my map about works of art that struck me:::: i plan to revisit and think about why these works move me more than others and try to distill a truth of aesthetics out of these reflections. TRUTH not an individual opinion…. which is what this program seems to emphasize. what does this mean for you? i guess it is a good starting point but it is not the end.   the vittoire de samthrace moved me in the same way it did when i saw it for the first time…. i want to go early in the morning and just sit alone in front of it and sketch it. there are always so many people there. did you know that the louvre was put together for art students? that is right. i get in free…. you can study in there, there are classes going on in there everywhere, and you can sketch anywhere. copyists have to apply for a special license but it is doable. you would not witness these things if you came in the tourist season. it is really good to know this…   a bientot! RC



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