Once I thought I’d never grow
Tall as this fence
Time dragged heavy and slow.
But April came and August went
before I knew just what they meant,
And little by little I grew.
And as I grew, I came to know
how fast the time could go.

Once I thought I’d never go
Outside this fence.
This space was plenty for me.
But I walked down the road one day,
and just what happened I can’t say.
But little by little it came to be
That line between the earth and sky
came beckoning to me.

Now the time has grown so short;
The world has grown so wide.
I’ll be graduated soon.
Why am I strange inside?
What makes me think I’d like to try
to go down all those roads
beyond that line above the earth and ‘neath the sky?

Tomorrow when I sit upon the graduation platform stand,
I know my hand will shake when I reach out to take
that paper with the ribboned band.

Now that all the learning’s done,
Oh who knows what will now begin?
Oh it’s so strange, I’m strange inside.
The time has grown so short;
the world so wide.