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📅 Published on January 5, 2007

my last day of work was today… ( or i guess yesterday ).
it is such an odd sadness. i am so exhausted that i cannot help but be relieved that i don’t have to get up at 5:00 am and stay up ’till midnight consistently, but my co-workers and regulars have become a kind of very informal family. at the beginning of the summer, i decided that in order to stay alive, i would need to sincerely befriend the people i spend my days with, and it has happened. i will miss them. (and before i know it, i will be back!)

tomorrow will be my last day of salsa lessons, and the next day i move out of our beautiful house on sherburn. after that, there are only 4 days ’till i fly.
oh, and i turn 21 today! if anyone wants to come to a super fun party, there will be one on the fifth at my house. i have been asking people to bring one of the following:
-a friend
-a good attitude
i think if everyone brings one of these, it will be a pretty good time.

countdown to landing: approx. 8 days

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  1. The Laughing Rover

    I have to say, I fully understand about the whole mixed emotions to the last day of work, as excited as my post was about it! And I\’m sorry I missed your birthday/goodbye celebration–Happy Birthday! Karen


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