Leaving Winnipeg was pretty hard, but I think I was ready. Early in the morning I woke up and walked around Osborne village and cried. It was morning and it was sunny and beautiful, a perfect last morning in Winnipeg.

The airport experience itself was a bit stressful because I was told that my carry-on size luggage wasn’t actually carry-on… which was a bunch of bullshit, but because they called me out on it I simply was required to check the luggage. So, my stopover in Montreal with my friends Mo and JE was pretty relaxed, as I didn’t have to pick up my luggage and drop it off at my new apartment…. I didn’t have any luggage to drop off! They took me to eat poutine (which, ps, I haven’t had since 6 years ago in the SRSS cafeteria) to the Orange Julep, which is a huge orange round fast food joint. They play swing music, I thought it would be the perfect place to lindy bomb. 🙂

The flight to paris was uneventful, i slept for 2 hours and saw shawshank redemption and the edge of love, both of which I liked. The food was good this time, I was able to sleep after I took my sleeping pill, and we landed in Paris without a hitch. Iannis met me there. It always feels like we have never even been apart at all.

Getting into paris was a nightmare. We got on the RER train to Paris but there had been some kind of violence in the RER so it was completely stopped at Stade de France (one stop from Paris). We ended up wandering through the suburb trying to find some kind of bus. By this time I was tired and hungry, and feeling very faint. The bus dropped us at the first metro station and we took the metro to Pigalle. I actually have very little recollection of this part of the trip because I was so exhausted and hungry. But once I stepped into ‘real’ Paris, I forgot everything and felt like a million bucks. We had croissants for breakfast and went back to bed.

We woke up in time to catch the Caribbean Carnival in Paris…. more to come on that tomorrow!!! 🙂 I feel great and so excited about all the adventures the next few months hold!

OK Carnival….. this was the perfect way to keep myself from falling asleep all day yesterday!! WE went to Jean Jaures to see the parade… floats with all kinds and colors of people and great, danceable music! There were tons of interesting people and the atmosphere was so energetic! Iannis and I met Ikram and we followed the parade a little, until we found some music and people we liked and we hopped into the parade itself. Immediately, Ikram and I were surrounded by men, grabbing at us and rubbing against us trying to get us to come with them! Ahhhh! Iannis grabbed me and held me and then rescued Ikram as well, all the while I was fighting off hands from the front. They didn’t really leave us alone, all that worked was when I put my arm around Ikram and kissed her on the cheek, and told them she was mine, then they left us alone. 😉

We danced for awhile, ducked into a store to get some whiskey and coke to take with us, danced some more, and ended up at Parc de la Villette for a picnic. It was a gorgeous, hot day and it was so great to sit on the cool grass and relax until after the sun went down. Iannis and I went back to the house on bikes through Paris. I am home.

On another note, I decided I hate jet lag. I slept till 1pm today, which was better than yesterday, but what a waste of a day!! Today we are going to see Musee de Quai Branly, the world art museum in paris, which is free today because all the national museums are free the first sunday of every month. Cooool! It’ll be busy!

Love to everyone!