I feel like a true dilettante

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📅 Published on January 24, 2007

interesting linguistic point: in french, the word for smell and the word for feeling emotion is the same… sentir. i think that is so appropriate, when you consider how closely linked smell and emotion is… and memory.

i realized that most of the men here wear the same cologne. hm.

my painting teacher was really stressed yesterday, and she is a bit off the wall, so she was taking it out on us. i have kind of accepted by now that the most brilliant artists are a bit wierd. its okay. the issue is that there is a new person arranging the copying permits in the louvre, and she hopes that the copyists get the pieces they ask for. understandable.
the class was fascinating. we stretched linen over the frame sizes we chose and tacked the linen with little nails. my thumbs were numb by the time i was done. we also made glue and painted the raw linen with it::: then we made gesso to prepare the canvas and painted two coats of it. i am really excited to start painting… i was afraid at first, but i think i will be able to do it.

the icon painters used to seal their supports (usually wood) with ten coats of glue, and they would pray between each one. it was a long, meditative process. in keeping, i prayed between the two coats of glue and between the two coats of gesso as well… my oevre will hardly be iconic, but tant pis.

i did laundry yesterday……. i am okay.

the evening was spent in my second tango class. i think i said yesterday that i was given a partner… it has worked out really well. his name is benjamin (good practise for the nasal sounds) and he is pretty good. he is 26 and he knows a bit of english although we mostly talked in french. i dont know if we will continue to be partners, but we both need one and we worked well together and got along. he has patience with my bad french, but he doesnt like salsa. ::: the class was really easy and the teacher invited me back to the intermediate monday class. wells is giving me credit for this class and paying for it, and the teacher must give me an evaluation at the end. so! i guess i am doing tango instead of flamenco, although i will still try out a few classes this week just to see how it goes.

today, again, i am spending obscene amounts of time in the louvre… must do mes devoirs from last week. i think instead of doing the scavenger hunt, i will go to the sculpture room and sketch. hm:::::: yes, that is what i will do. i need to relax.

it is snowing here…….. didnt i leave that all behind????? at least we have tunnels so we dont have to go outside! ha!




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