How can I make a difference?

Published on November 30, 2010

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There is so much suffering, poverty, and injustice in this world. Some of us see it more often than others. I almost never see it.

Sometimes, when I am panicking about my future, when I am worrying that even if I decided to give up singing, I wouldn’t have any way to make a living, when I am alone and not even my wonderful support systems can hold me up, I have moments of clarity.

This time, I realized that I can reduce human suffering, I will, eventually, be able to reduce poverty and maybe even injustice. I want to improve not only my environment, but the worlds of as many diverse people groups as possible. This is such a large task – how can I do it?

Who know exactly? But: My only chance will be to do what I have been given to do in my life: do what I do best to the best of my ability. I’ll leave that to you to guess what that might be. Sometimes I feel like I have not figured it out myself.

Thank-you for reading!

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To answer the question: “Do you still sing?”

I have learned that there is a difference between my physical voice, and my voice in the broader sense. I have mastered my physical voice – all the nuances, the breaking points; learned the ways my voice likes to move and blossom. There is freedom and joy in the practise of using my voice in that way on stage. But I needed something more.

Vulnerability Magic: One Year Sober

Inspired by a little silver plastic chip in my pocket that said “Women in Recovery” on one side and the serenity prayer on the other (and my phone full of new numbers), I found a desire within me that I hadn’t even known I wanted until I stepped into that meeting. I wanted myself back.