Highlights in Montreal

Published on September 14, 2009

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-Going into the practise rooms at 9:00pm on a Saturday night and having to WAIT for a practise room. It is so refreshing to be around people who care about perfecting their artform.

-Opera McGill. The program is set up exactly to make us be able to succeed in the business, which is something I would not have expected from a school. Every week we will have an audition class, repertoire class, Tai Chi, Acting class and one-on-one acting. At any time, there might be a ‘surprise visitor’ in our audition class who is someone influential in the opera industry.

-Rediscovering the joy of singing in a choir. I took the last year off of choir, and now that I am being paid to sing as a choir member, it seems like the most beautiful thing to sing with the people that you are learning to be a soloist with. Now, it is not the fact that I am getting paid, but just being made to feel like my time is valuable to the choir in a tangible way is so wonderful. And the people of the church are really special, I am so happy to be at St. Andrew and St. Paul.

-My bike route to get downtown… once I get to Park, it is smooth cruising down Mont Royal through beautiful green Jeanne Mance Park with a great view of the huge buildings of McGill and downtown Montreal. This bike ride never fails to invigorate me.

-Yoga, swimming, Tai Chi, and salsa… I am so active and I feel so good!

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To answer the question: “Do you still sing?”

I have learned that there is a difference between my physical voice, and my voice in the broader sense. I have mastered my physical voice – all the nuances, the breaking points; learned the ways my voice likes to move and blossom. There is freedom and joy in the practise of using my voice in that way on stage. But I needed something more.

Vulnerability Magic: One Year Sober

Inspired by a little silver plastic chip in my pocket that said “Women in Recovery” on one side and the serenity prayer on the other (and my phone full of new numbers), I found a desire within me that I hadn’t even known I wanted until I stepped into that meeting. I wanted myself back.