from “Singing in Style: Classic” by Edward F. Menerth

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📅 Published on October 13, 2009

For the Mozartian singer must use his voice with the same strength and agility as the ballet dancer uses his body. The appearance of smoothness and clarity conceals the fundamental strength that makes grace possible. It is truly the art that conceals art, for one must strain every fibre in order to mask the sweat of that effort. The singer must project a small, indefinable, yet living fragment of his essence out into the audience to act as a monitor and brake on everything he sings and does. It is the fragment of self one shares with all mankind, which must be sacrificed in order to live.

Singing in Style: Classic
Edward F. Menerth, Jr.
Music Educators Journal, Vol. 53, No. 1 (Sep., 1966), pp. 64-66+135-139
Published by: MENC: The National Association for Music Education
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