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📅 Published on January 22, 2007

I miss you all… it struck me yesterday that I don’t really have a safe zone, and it is exhausting.

on saturday night i went out with some people from the program. we wandered around bastille until we found a bar called café 66. it was smoky and gross and american (all the girls i was with drank bud):::: never again! if i go out, i will have to be pretty desperate or plan it myself… there are tons of jazz bars and things that going to an american bar is unnecessary. i ended up having to sleep at the cité universitaire in one of the girls’ rooms because the metros had stopped running by the time we left. not pleasant.

my mom passed on well-wishes from some folks back home – thank-you!

i had been invited to a déjeuner with ma mère française and her brother and sister in law, her aunt, and her man friend, antoine (whom i adore). four hours of straight-up french, fast and non-stop and sometimes three people talking at a time. it is interesting::: even the french seem interested in learning french. a dictionary was kept closeby and each time there was a dispute over the proper usage or gender of a word, they looked it up. i learned alot of rare words that i have now forgotten.
the food was absolutely amazing and completely french. we started out by drinking some very nice champagne and white port and other liquers in the living room. then we started in on the pàté, which is eaten with baguette and this sweet mustard sauce. (by that time everyone was thoroughly buzzed and all the women were laughing and constantly red in the face) this was served with some white wine from bordeax. then we had lamb with some kind of very flavorful marinade and white beans, with a red from bordeaux. yes::: there was cheese (again, with a different kind of red wine from bordeaux) :::: three kinds, and one kind was eaten with cherry compote. dessert was some kind of layered pastry cake, with more champagne and port. then coffee. it took 4 hours to complete. of course mme cb told the story of how i got lost on the first night :::

i went to st. eustache for the first time in the evening. i can’t go into details because i have no time, but it was absolutely beautiful and the whole service emphasized the mystery of gods relationship with the church.

a bientot!


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