Coming Out

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📅 Published on avril 20, 2019

As a girl growing up, I always knew that I was attracted to girls. I just had no reason to believe that I was different than anyone else in that respect.

I was raised in a fairly conservative Christian community, and the spectrum of sexualities and genders that a human being could possibly engender were not made available to me as options. I had no language to name how I was feeling. Because I had been assumed to be cis and heterosexual, I assumed that the way I felt in my body and in relation to other people was how everyone else felt.

Le fait de sortir du placard ne signifie pas que j'ai enfin réalisé qui j'étais, mais qu'il y avait d'autres personnes qui ne se sentaient pas comme moi, qu'il y avait un langage pour nommer ce que je ressentais, et que je n'étais pas seul.


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