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📅 Published on février 27, 2007

We are to choose a theme to tie together the rest of our paintings for this year.
Some people are choosing Paris, others Flowers, others Self-Portrait.

What is the point of concentrating all your artistic talent on something that means nothing? There is no message, there is no expression. It is the same thing as a copy… you are only representing what you see or what you observe, even if it is what you observe about yourself. The renaissance painters hid their self-portraits in the composition of a painting. What makes artists need to paint a likeness of themselves? Or do a whole project about oneself? What makes us think that it will do anyone any good to do a whole project on ourselves?

On the other hand… I want to do something that has a message… that will bring awareness to a social issue or to a group of people that is pushed aside in society.
e.g. Social Responsibility. HOW can I paint this issue? I have a few ideas, but I am unsure as to how many images I can imagine that will bring a distinct, recognizable connection to my audience.
e.g. SDF of Paris. The homeless people of paris have a culture all their own, and they are beautiful. Their lives are tragic and the contrast is stark between them and the people, such as I, who walk past them every day. They need to be represented and cared for. But how can I paint in such a way that will inspire compassion?
e.g. any ideas?

What am I doing here? The basic idea is that I am learning how to express myself. But no one will teach me truth. No one is gutsy enough to suggest that there is one truth, and no one wants to hear it. How are you to express a truth you know of if no one believes in truth? It is a discouraging world right now. There is no God, or there is every god. There is no gender, or there are as many genders as there are people. The meanings of words are expanding so that we cannot communicate properly without defining each important word. Society punishes those who could teach them the most. Surely, it has always been like this. People through the ages have mourned the loss of morality and ethics in general society.
What I want to do in my life is restore a sense of truth to my communities. I want to help the people in my life become people who believe in truth and care about living ethically.. in other words, people who are able to communicate with each other in a meaningful and confident way, and communicate in a way that expresses concern for the other’s whole self.
I believe that art can play a role in increasing a moral sensitivity, but it is only a part. I think the reason I have been searching for more and more meaning in artistic activity is because I know it is incompetent on its own. I, like every other young person who has come before, want to change the world single-handedly. This is impossible, and my next step will be to accept this. I need to accept my shortcomings and accept the shortcomings of art in general. I need to find all of the connections between all of the talents and fields that exist, and begin to create new ways for them to work together toward a common goal.


  1. Jaymie Schmidt

    Oh, Bekki! I am so excited for you that you want to stay in France for the summer. I cannot wait to see you there. It will be such a good experience for you. We will have to see Prais\’s best kept secret that you were talking about before. Did I tell you that my sister is going to come with me to Spain! How exciting, there will be some sister bonding time on the plane ride over. YAY!

  2. The Laughing Rover

    sorry that you\’re sick, nice about the verbs though! maybe i should try that, i DEFINITELY overthink my verbs! 🙂 hope you get better soon.

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