The metro, the rain, and other things

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📅 Published on janvier 19, 2007

okay, what to talk about today……

yesterday was official culture shock/ language barrier for me. i went Shopping. it seems that everyone i talked to did not understand what i was trying to say. and they dont teach you to say international electronics plug adapter in language school. i also spilled someones bottled water in a café….. again, when you panic you switch into your default language.

despite these difficulties, i still found myself mumbling to myself in french on the metro. honestly.

there are two kinds of metro trains and the new ones have a recorded woman who announces the stops. i take it every day, and i find myself thinking of the stops in terms of her voice. Réamur-Sébastopol? REamur-SéBAstopol! she is so enthusiastic.

i am supposed to draw people on the metro for my class but they kept looking at me this morning every time i tried to draw them.

i saw a demonstration at place de la république yesterday! everyone was yelling and holding signs and the police were there, but i dont know what it was about.

last night everyone went out for dinner. i had blood sausage with baked apples. if you didnt think about the blood part, it was amazing!

the french are planting tons of trees in all their parks and green spaces and calling it the green revolution. they are also banning dogs from the parks.

lots of people smoke here.

but not me.

OK! enough rambling…….
have a good day folks!



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