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📅 Published on janvier 27, 2011

I am going to try something new to blog about this trip. I will publish a series of posts focussing on my experience of different aspects of my trip. Stay tuned for at least 3 more installations! Here’s the first one:


In terms of smart travel, this has been the worst trip of my existence. I usually pride myself in being a well-seasoned travel, immune to the common mistakes of rookies and with a special attention to detail. However, I have not once, but twice missed my flight – the first time, because my noggin failed to register the actual departure time, and when I finally actually looked at my travel documents in the RER to the airport, I realized that the plane would be taking off in fifteen minutes. This was made even worse by the fact that I had allowed myself the luxury of several hours in the actual city of Paris to visit with some friends, so the situation was completely and utterly under my control.

The second time is probably the most serious stupid mistake I have made in my life so far. I got home to my apartment in Berlin quite late after celebrating the last night in Berlin, and set my alarm to wake up on time for my 6:40am flight. Whether the alarm malfunction was my fault or the cell phone’s fault, I am not sure – I just know that I woke up with a start at 9:30am, an hour and half before my Paris-Montreal flight was supposed to be taking off. I had completely slept through my Berlin-Paris flight.

Both times, the nature of my tickets made it impossible to exchange the ticket or get a refund, even though I had bought not-so-cheap cancellation insurance on the international ticket. In addition, my Mastercard decided to stop functioning this morning and the ’emergency line’ was unable to access client information on their system. The moral of the story is – Don’t Make Stupid Mistakes Or You Will Need To Sell Your Body To Pharmaceutical Testing To Pay For Them.

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  1. eris

    OMG! That's horrible. I hope the rest of your installments have happier endings or I won't be able to look :s(And thank you for the reminder that I should take my flights more seriously. I leave in 36 hours and I don't even know where my ticket is never mind what time I need to be ready to catch the ferry to the airport.)


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