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📅 Published on janvier 25, 2007

i forgot to tell you a story from a couple of days ago.
i had a coffee on my desk in the classroom when i went to use the washroom. when i came out, a girl from my class, haki, was gesturing to me with paper towel in her hand. i entered the classroom, and about three people were holding my coat to clean it, and there were people on the floor wiping up coffee. a very embarrased-looking chinese guy, xavier, was trying to blow dry a piece of paper from my desk. it was such a funny scene and i was so touched by their consideration and their teamwork.

my cmu friends will be sad to know that the french word for community, commaunité or something like that, is not the same as in english. when i talk about community vs. individuality in class, the word is convivialité::: i think we have that word in english. but in france, there is an association that helps neighborhoods and apartment blocks organize parties to get to know each other::: very cool. someone should start that in canada.

there is an exhibit right now on at the Orangerie that places XX siecle artists face to face with the XVII siècle works that inspired them. i definitely need to go. the exhibit happened in 1934 and it was the exhibit that made de la Tour ‘s works be rediscovered. perhaps today?

yesterday was another 5 hour Louvre day, but it was so relaxing and rewarding. i sat in the french sculpture room for 2 hours sketching sculpture::: i spent quite a bit of time on a Joseph sculpture of Hercules. i did it from behind, and i actually like it. we are required to draw with black marker so the lines are very strong… there is no such thing as an invisible line::: all of the muscles of the back are very distinct. the louvre class was on medieval/middle ages art, and it was great… if you have time, you should look up a picture of “tombeau de phillipe pot”::: it is famous, but it is also fascinating. each one of the mourners has its own face under its hood.

the danger of studying art is that you will start to talk about it as though you know something about it… like music. knowing the lingo is so dangerous. talk of art should be simple and understandable, and art should be talked about respectfully:: otherwise i think it is like gossip. you shouldnt talk about art, ideally, unless in its presence. maybe.

yesterday someone told me that she didnt think i really had courage necessarily, just forward momentum. i think it is probably true.

everyone is always kissing here::: it is true. you just smile and keep walking. sometimes i wonder why people come to see a city if all they want to see is their lover. stay at home. (im going to eat my words someday….)

there are always buskers in the metro. lots of world music, and every night on my way home i see the same person playing the same song at the same spot in the metro tunnels. i am beginning to be attached to her.

every morning and evening i walk past a tiny park with big evergreen trees. it is like a piece of home::: all the birds rendez-vous at dawn and dusk to giggle together… it is infectious. if no one has heard a bird giggle, listen to them at dusk. the sound of them makes you smile.

have a great day…


  1. Jonathan

    Wonderful! Keep up the updates. I\’m incredibly jealous of the Parisean lifestyle and your seemingly unlimited time in the Louvre. What a place to become familiar with. Anyways, enjoy!

  2. Susan Pharaoh

    Hey there Bekky! Keep up the wonderful description of your daily life. It makes me smile at the end of my day…living vicariously through your blogs. sigh. lovely! Tres bon!

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