Once in a while, you just need to dream…

Published on novembre 8, 2010

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What I would want if I had absolutely no limitations, followed by the percent chance of it happening within 2 years.

-Be able to sing a B three octaves above middle C. (85%)

-Bigger lung capacity so I could sing any length of phrase without difficulty. (10%)

-No fear and the ability to sing exactly what I imagine in my mind. (90%)

-A limitless imagination so that I can imagine amazing and creative interpretations of the music I sing. (90%)

-Time and energy to be able to sing all day, every day. (0%, although it should improve at least a little when I graduate)

-A little more charm in my fearlessness, and a little more courage in my charm. I seem to have either one or the other at any given moment, and it seems to me that when I need courage, personality oozes charm, and vice versa. (100% – I know I can change this!)

-Photographic memory. (0%)

-To be fluent in all of the languages I sing. (90%)

My work is cut out for me! Practise room, ho!

Thank-you for reading!

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  1. Leona

    How wonderful! Ir's waking up every day, knowing that there's work to do. There's nothing more meaningful in life! And you have discovered it! You are so lucky!

  2. Leona

    I have to add…you are one of the most beautiful people I am privileged to know!

  3. eris

    I couldn't agree more! (And I'd be so happy to have any charm at all to get mixed up with my courage.) Don't ever stop dreaming!

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