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📅 Published on novembre 26, 2008

It’s such a great feeling to walk onto a stage, look around only to see no one you know, and have them love you anyway! This was one of the highlights of the Metropolitan Opera National Council auditions this last Saturday. After singing for friends and family (mainly) my entire life, I was curious to see how another audience would react to me. It was a good test for me. Not that I don’t believe my friends and family don’t tell the truth when they say they love to see me sing, but they are slightly biased. I was very happy to talk to several audience members after the audition, and hear that they loved my voice and my acting.

The other fabulous thing was being the youngest singer at the auditions, and having the judges choose me to send on anyway. These competitions are full of politics and expectations that I will never have any idea about, and I consider it a great honor to have been chosen, in spite of my age, and in spite of the fact that the judges had probably not heard of any of the organizations on my resume. This, too, speaks well for my performance ability, and if that can speak louder than my experience at this point, I think I will do just fine.

I proceed to Minneapolis Regional Semifinals in January, and I must not think about winning – I must continue to think only of high quality performance, and giving my all to the audience.


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