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📅 Published on janvier 31, 2007

okay now for the real post… it will be a short one. yesterday in raw materials we made paint for our master copies out of pigment, linseed oil, turpentine and tree sap. it was a really cool experience… we all felt like we were making muffins or something, and now we know what is in the tubes so we never have to buy paint again! although as we learned, a packet of decent pigment can run up to 700 euro. thats for the stuff that is called emerald green and is made out of real emeralds.

kelly fawning over the prussian blue. seeing this picture doesnt count as seeing the color. you feel like you are going to fall into it.

okay here is a closeup of some of the red pigments. i think the one in the top left is made of cadmium. the one in the bottom right is the coolest red you can get, and the one on the right is made of dirt from morocco. we learned how to decant dirt to make it into pigment. i have never realized how versatile an artist needs to be.
on the left is my painting teacher and on the right is a girl named bridget. you can see the huge pieces of marble that we ground the pigments on.

it is such a great feeling to make everything from scratch

must go… I have a french test now!

love RC


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