Published on juillet 22, 2010

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As you may or may not know, the ability to travel to sing for various conductors and directors is essential in the beginning of a singer’s career. If no one hears me sing, in other words, it is virtually impossible to begin singing professionally! My worry has been mainly financial in the last few months, as I am entering the last year of my schooling, and soon I will be ready to embark on the professional journey I have been preparing for.

Recently, I was awarded two major grants and scholarships which I would like to share with you, both as a thank-you to these funding bodies as well as to invite you to celebrate with me! McGill University music faculty awarded me the highest possible scholarship of $10,000 (Schulich Scholarship) to cover all fees and tuition for my degree this year. Today, I found out that the Manitoba Arts Council has awarded me a $3000 grant. This will make it possible for me to sing for conductors and directors across Canada, the US and Europe, and will give a kick start to my journey as a professional singer.

I would like to thank each and every one of you, as you have all touched my life in one way or another and have inspired me to continue even when I have had my doubts.

Thank-you for reading!

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Pour répondre à la question : "Est-ce que vous chantez toujours ?"

I have learned that there is a difference between my physical voice, and my voice in the broader sense. I have mastered my physical voice – all the nuances, the breaking points; learned the ways my voice likes to move and blossom. There is freedom and joy in the practise of using my voice in that way on stage. But I needed something more.

La magie de la vulnérabilité : Un an de sobriété

Inspirée par une petite puce en plastique argentée qui se trouvait dans ma poche et qui portait l'inscription "Women in Recovery" d'un côté et la prière de la sérénité de l'autre (et par mon téléphone rempli de nouveaux numéros), j'ai découvert un désir en moi que je ne savais même pas que je voulais avant d'entrer dans cette réunion. Je voulais me retrouver.