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📅 Published on janvier 17, 2007

the french class is not too hard:::: i am amazed that i seem to be at the same level as everyone else in my class! the only way we can communicate is in french:::: i have several japanese students in my class, one chinese guy, a woman from sweden and a woman from russia. then theres me and an american student. it is actually quite beautiful to be able to communicate with people from so many different cultures… because these other people do not speak english. i love speaking french with the japanese! my new favorite thing.

painting class is going to be very very intense and very fundamental::: we made varnish from scratch yesterday in our first class with gomme damar and turpentine. we will learn to make all of our own paint from grinding minerals into pigment and mixing it with linseed oil. i am copying a work in class:::
un jeune homme nu by flandrin full of meaning and painted just after mozart died. i am learning so much about the philosophy of using physical materials to convey a spiritual meaning and i feel like this is where i need to be. i am flourishing here.

the people here are wonderful and we went to a mexican restaurant yesterday i had chile chocolate chicken and sangria::::

shoot i need to go but i will write more later if i can.



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