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📅 Published on avril 27, 2007

I am coming home.

I have confirmed my flight.
And aside from a random job offer from Campbell’s that fell through, I have no hope of staying.

If I would do this again, I would follow my instinct and start looking for a job at least a month before I left. I KNOW I want to stay but there is simply nothing to do in the final week.

I saw my house mom for the last time this morning and got a picture (yet to come); she is leaving on vacances. Chloe was also there, so I got to play with her a bit.

Tonight is the final show.
Yesterday night was my last tango class and at last minute we went to the quais. I danced ’till past midnight and missed the last metro.

Yesterday I also visited Musee d’Orsay to see Carpeaux once more before leaving. Today I was going to go to the louvre but I think I will do that tomorrow. I am going to the studio, instead, to spend time with people.

Why can’t life always be this beautiful? Why don’t we stop building ugly buildings and taking funds away from the arts?

My flight comes in at 10pm at Winnipeg Airport on the 29th, which is Sunday. It is United Airlines flying in from Chicago. One and all are welcome – I would love to see you!

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