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📅 Published on Décembre 20, 2019

Coming to the end of the decade, I find myself reflecting on the last ten to fifteen years. How far I’ve come! Honestly, I hardly recognize myself from the photos I found of even ten years ago. From feminine to masculine, from she to they, from professional/student singer to tech entrepreneur, there has always been something consistent in my life; that thing is writing.

The last few weeks, I have been making good on a promise I made to myself to wrest my personal data from the clutches of Google, which means I am also sorting through old emails and blog posts, archiving, moving, reviewing, and reminiscing. I thought it a shame to take my blog posts from my travels off the internet completely, so I’ve created this new site. Maybe I’ll start to write about my life again. Maybe I’ll go back to Paris. Maybe I’ll relearn the piano and the guitar and let a song fly once again from my belly.

No promises.


Grieving the end of singing

Le deuil de la fin du chant

On ne peut pas vivre de joie, d'applaudissements. On ne peut pas se nourrir d'adoration. On ne peut pas vivre dans une salle de concert. Et mon coeur ne pouvait pas supporter de perdre une autre famille après chaque concert. L'univers a fait de son mieux pour que je continue. Qui sait, peut-être que ma grande chance était au coin de la rue, et que je devais juste m'accrocher un tout petit peu plus longtemps, juste une audition de plus. Je suppose que je ne le saurai jamais.