this is one of the drawings that came from saturday’s shindig in montmartre::: i like it because of the torso and the movement of the body. also it is a very accurate likeness.

toru and i – he is a japanese guy from my french class. this was his last day.

i walked through the jardin des tuileries on friday to get to the orangerie exhibit. these are pictures from that walk. i think it will be alot more beautiful in summer.

musée du louvre

fountain with seagulls walking on ICE… yes, we had ice for one day.

classic tourist picture…

saturday night… montmartre. (how can you not take a picture of the moulin rouge if it is right there???)

this is a view from a student’s apartment in monmartre. that’s him smoking by the window, and that is sacre-coeur in the distance.carrie and i at a café on monday night after waiting in line at the opéra.belle paris… this is near bastille