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Figure Drawing Class

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📅 Published on January 16, 2007

allo tout le monde!

my french test went well… i was placed in the 2ieme etage. i dont know how hard that is yet.

i had my first figure drawing class yesterday, as well, which was really interesting. my teacher is a bit eccentric, and the class is in her beautiful studio with huge windows and full of art and works in progress and paint… we will have a different model each class::::: i am supposed to be drawing for an hour a week which will wield quite a bit of work. the studio is by the place de la république, which is where all of the protests and marches and demonstrations have happened through the years and still happen today:::::: i expect to see a bit of activity in this area as the french presidential election comes closer in april. the class is every tues for 3 hours.

i also had my first dinner with my homestay mom and it wqs delicious:::: we had amazing white wine from bordeaux :::::: yes. amazing and white was in the same sentence::::::::: it was possibly the best wine i have ever had::::

i must go to class but i will talk to you again soon! bonne journée!



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