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[Xtra Magazine] Making tech queer- and trans-friendly is about much more than hiring

[Xtra Magazine] Making tech queer- and trans-friendly is about much more than hiring

One of the best ways to make these changes is to bake diversity and equity into the model from the get-go and aim for sustainable, moderate growth rather than digital world domination. There are a few companies building with more modest aspirations in mind, like the Montreal-based anti-capitalist design firm Queerit, founded by opera singer-turned-web designer Rowan C. Woodmass. About 95 percent of the small agency is made up of queer and/or trans designers and developers, and it strives to provide opportunities in an environment where people can come as they are, without compromises.

“Creating Usability Reports from Usability Test Findings” on Adobe XD

It can feel redundant to create a report after a well-executed usability test, especially if you’ve involved the rest of your team from the start. However, usability reports are a strong method for communicating your results to your team and your wider organization in a clear, professional way, in order to build support for your research efforts.

Rehearsing Trauma: How working on an opera helped me heal

How do I embody a character fully, fall in love with the character, learn its idiosyncrasies, when that character must undergo torture daily on stage, sometimes multiple times, with increasing detail, depth, and dramatic timing? How do I rehearse trauma?