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Grieving the end of singing

Grieving the end of singing

You can’t live on joy, on applause. You can’t eat adoration. You can’t live in a concert hall. And my heart couldn’t bear losing another family after every gig. The universe did her best to keep me going. Who knows, maybe my big break was around the corner, and I just had to hang on a tiny bit longer, just one more audition. I guess I’ll never know.


I can't stop thinking about Paris.

[Resource] Nonbinary Gender

The more people know about the nuances of gender and sexuality, the less likely that I, and people like me, will be excluded because of a lack of knowledge.
A new page

A new page

Maybe I'll start to write about my life again. Maybe I'll go back to Paris.
Meditation: Blessed Be

Meditation: Blessed Be

A short pagan feminist metta practise on Insight Timer (a free meditation app) with gentle nature sounds and deep drone. Blessed be the elements and laws that keep our siblings safe, cared for, and equal to all of us.

Using Your Voice Again: A Plan of Action

Let yourself rage against all the reasons you stopped using your voice. Rage against money, capitalism, the lie of meritocracy, the optimism of youth, the institutions that lulled you into passivity, the warnings you did not heed, misogyny. Shame, emotional abuse, trauma, microagressions. Sore throats, lies. Shed your tears for all those moments of connection you lost because you did not sing. 


    I’m not supposed to feel anything when she meets someone new. She isn’t mine- ...

Women Techmakers MTL 2017: We have an inclusion problem in tech

We all know there’s a problem, and the solution is likely hiding right in your own workplace. All you have to do is ask questions, be ready to listen, and then act to disrupt the status quo in favour of marginalized people. It’s time.